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One to One Sessions

Often in this our human life experience journey we become confused and feel lost. We may feel that we have little choice other than to surrender to the outer waking reality and this can leave us feeling constricted and tethered.  One to one sessions with Karen work to clear the confusion and re align the journey that you are on.

All who are called to the LIGHT have a specific set of skills and abilities but more often than not these are questioned and denied not only by those around them but themselves also as the Old Earth Matrix is adept at enforcing reference points that hide our skill set. 

Having worked for many years across various countries, lifestyles, customs and life experiences Karen has illuminated the way forward for all who have been sent to her.  A connecting point to TRUTH Karen gives clear and conscise explanation of what is holding the mirror and why.  Removing the mirror allows for transformation and understanding to birth fully.

These one to one sessions are not a one size fits all for all are unique and individual within the calling to the LIGHT.  YOU are unique and in this uniqueness is the KEY to open the door,  Karen not only highlights the key for you, she will aid you in opening the door that you stand before.

To book a one to one session with Karen please email her HERE.  Sessions are done remotely and at a mutually convenient time and date.  Please allow approximately 90 minutes for a one to one session (this may be longer depending on what is found).