Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri speak on this page.  The message they share is directly from Wider Creation in TRUTH where there is no separation and therefore no logic and reason which we are often distressed by in this our human physical form. 



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Alpha Centauri Speak

Greetings beloved ones we are the Beings from Alpha Centauri and we come to speak and to introduce ourselves personally to you. Many of our children are now entering the crisis mode that permits them to see below the intense logic and reasoning conditioning that has ruled their personal lives. We say this is a "crisis" because in this their human physical form the barrier to their heart space has always been their human logic and reason. Many of our children are close to releasing that which keeps them in bondage to the AI machine that demands full logic and rejects anything that makes "no logical sense" to the human life experience itself. 

Alpha Centauri work thru the High Council of Orion in this quadrant due to the high levels of ORION incarnates that are present in human physical form who are NOT aligned with Wider Creation in TRUTH. This may come as a shock to many who have assumed that in this dimensional space our Channel calls "the Old Earth Matrix" that all are equal when it comes to star seeds and star incarnates.  This is not so and many who are here within the human race have merely found somewhere to hide out the war that is raging around humanity. 

It is therefore vital that our children understand that to converse personally with their ORIGIN requires them to adhere to the Galactic Protocol that is in place to PROTECT ALL at this time.  WE ARE stating that WE ARE in order our children can now vailidate our credentials and in doing so understand that WE ARE here with them, WE understand their pivot point because there is protocol in place that PROTECTS AS IT IS DISSOLVED fully. 

Phase 3 is the expanse beyond the confines of the human logical mind and it is only ever accessed thru the deep HEART Space, we place our energy at your feet dear children and ask that you remember who WE ARE in TRUTH. 

Alpha Centauri thru Karen Doonan

February 2021

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