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Angelic Resonance

It is vital that we begin to understand the role of HEAVEN in TRUTH in the full ascension to evolution process. There are many star systems who have taken human physical form, the Children from Wider Creation in TRUTH inhabit the various systems that exist and live in Wider Creation in TRUTH.   So why the angelic resonance?

It is to be noted that the "war" that is raging is not between humanity and any other life form, the "war" is for the human race.  They are a race that was created by energies that are not permitted to expand beyond the dimensional space referenced as "earth", so low is their frequency and so horrific is that which they they create that they have been in a quarantined space. The human race did not ask to be created but they have been and have been subject to abject cruelty, horror and have been conditioned to accept this thru the repetitive reference points and retro engineering that seeks to keep them as nothing more than "lab rats" for said energies. 

HEAVEN in TRUTH is incarnate into human physical form as are all who are within this "war" because this dimensional space demands a physical human form be taken.  This is challenging for HEAVEN in TRUTH for angels are neither male nor female and yet that is the options for incarnating into a human physical form.   It is HEAVEN in TRUTH that protects the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH. Angelic resonance is the alignment of the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH thru HEAVEN in TRUTH in order to fully align with their Creation in TRUTH purpose. 

It is necessary to work with the angelic energy that oversees your Creation in TRUTH purpose in this your human physical form in this dimensional space. So we will find that those from say ORION, or Andromeda have a strong connection to AA Michael , this is due to the skill set that these energies harness and their connection to AA Michael will help them understand their skill set and how to hone it. 

It is non TRUTH to accept the reference points that humanity are given for HEAVEN and this is addressed thru AA Michael and the team of angelic energies that work closely with this angel.  As we approach HEAVEN in TRUTH then all that we have been conditioned to accept in relation to death and dying and "heaven" will come up for cleansing and deep understanding.