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Karen has worked with energy since she began her initial healing journey, a journey that she set out upon in order to understand healing and the power of natural healing.  There is nothing more natural than energy and energy is all around us.  For many who have increased and broadened their energy signature the realms that sit around the physical human plane that humanity exist within open. 

In order to walk thru the various realms that exist in a protected and guided way it is necessary to enter the Skull Matrices. These are created thru the crystal skulls and protect the human energy system as it is moved thru various dimensional spaces in order to walk in TRUTH.  Those who are called to the skulls (in any of their forms, not just crystal) are those who are now ready to walk thru the matrices and to exit the dimensional spaces that are now collapsing. 

Karen works closely with the crystal skulls and was originally trained by the guardian of various ancient crystal skulls when she began her training in vibrational medicine.  This connection was immediate upon meeting said caretaker.  Now Karen expands her work and offers the Skull Readings as a way of aiding those who must now exit and enter TRUTH to new levels of their being. 


Skull Readings thru Karen 

Readings are sent via email, please check that the email address is correct when ordering.

  Readings will be sent by return email within 3 - 5 days.