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GOLD Channel 

The Gold Channel exclusive subscriptions are available to help the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH now begin to remember who they are in TRUTH. It is not enough to remain viewing this dimensional space referenced as "earth" from the human physical vantage point alone.  The human physical vehicle is a very dense and closely regulated host and as we have worked to release the frequencies there comes a point where we have to reconnect to HEAVEN in TRUTH. 

ALL who are here to stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH require to go thru HEAVEN in TRUTH for they are the protectors of Wider Creaton in TRUTH. It is not possible to reach beyond without aligning fully with HEAVEN in TRUTH no matter what star system that your ORIGIN is, ALL know HEAVEN in TRUTH. 

This dimensional space is not what humanity have been conditioned to believe that it is. We are subject to these teachings for they sit at DNA/RNA level within our human physical vehicle. The human logical mind backs all these teachings up to the hilt.  We therefore have to step deep within our heart space which is a PROTECTED space thru which the Old Earth Matrix CANNOT exist due to the frequencies that operate there. 

We must go deep within said heart space and understand, we are protected thru HEAVEN in TRUTH for it was HEAVEN in TRUTH that seeded the frequency deep within the heart space.  This is our point of connection and there will be various energies that seek to have you step away from it and remain using logic and reason.