Gold Messages

Just a radio station sends out broadcasts to its "listeners" the GOLD Messages act as a communication between Wider Creation in TRUTH and the Children from Wider Creation in TRUTH.  It is not only the communication as in the written word that is active, these communications contain the very frequency of those of who are communicating, making them a powerful way to connect and to interact. 

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Beyond the dimensional space referenced as "earth" is a wealth of information and species that are kept hidden from the human race.  As part of our journey we require to begin to interact to deeper levels with our fellow family members. Gold Channelings are a subscription service and are only available on this website, these messages are NOT shared anywhere else and copyright is strict on this. 

Embued with the frequency of those who are communicating they trigger our galactic memory and allow us to understand to deeper levels.  These messages come thru Karen who then shares them on the GOLD channel for those who are now accepting that we are not alone and have never been alone. 

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144,000 Blog

The 144,000 are prophecy and they are incarnate into humanity in order to take the human physical form into the full evolution of species process.  The 144,000 blog is a subscription blog that is only available via this website. The in-depth information is to aid the 144,000 in the process that they are within allowing them to validate and to navigate a process that humanity have been denied. 

The general TRUTH Codes blog is available via this link but does not go into the level of detail the subscription blog does due to the rejection by humanity in general of that which is now evolving and shifting. 

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