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Hi there

Many of you will have checked in on my channeled message and updates as we have walked this journey together.  Some of you would have rested and others would have continued walking. Now at this time WE ARE coming together once again in order to re-group, share frequency and to assimilate all the experience and understanding that we have reached.  This site is an expression of said understanding and is here to help you find HOME in TRUTH

old parchment page.jpg

My Journey

When we are ready to awaken to our Creation in TRUTH Purpose we begin to experience that which will jolt us from our slumber.  As one who awoke more than a decade ago my journey has quickened as I have remembered. For those who remember my earlier work of TRUTH Codes and of the "Beyond the Looking Glass" Radio Show it may have come as a shock to you to then see me "disappear".  Up until that point I had shared my work, my channeling and my healing across the world but as with all journeys that those from Wider Creation in TRUTH walk, I required to understand first hand the control and belief mechanisms that chain the human race into a reality that is anything but TRUTH. 

So Creator took me on a very personal journey to the USA where it seemed that I disappeared, I was asked by Wider Creation in TRUTH to stop writing publicly and to remove my websites and my social media.  Always when we move along this path we must surrender deep within our heart space.  So followed a period of approximately 3 -4 years where I underwent an intense and deeply healing experience by aligning fully with Christ thru my heart space and was shown very clearly how to dissolve the control mechanisms of RELIGION and RELIGIOUS rote and ritual. It was this part of my journey that those who remained close to me personally found the most challenging. For as we cleanse and clear we are no longer at the mercy of those around us. When we can stand in TRUTH then we can see and understand the belief mechanisms and control needs of humanity but we no longer are connected to them. This allows GRACE to flow and and an understanding that is lost if we try to do this any other way. We are not here to be at odds with humanity, we are here to GRACEFULLY and often silently walk thru them in order to reach the EXIT point. 

Now I am once more asked to talk with the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH, to share the messages from their ORIGIN Source and to continue the walk along the path.  WE ARE now gathering in preparation for the next phase of this journey. It is my honor to share my work once more on behalf of Creator and of those who support us beyond this human physical form.