Jupiter speak on this page.  The message they share is directly from Wider Creation in TRUTH where there is no separation and therefore no logic and reason which we are often distressed by in this our human physical form. 



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Jupiter Speak 

Greetings beloved ones we are the Beings from Jupiter and we come to introduce ourselves to our children who have incarnated into human physical form in order to aid the ascension to full evolution process that has thus far been denied to the human race.  WE ARE closer than you believe and this will trigger deep within our children who see us walk among them because WE ARE. 

Jupiter is the founding vehicle for that which has become known as humanity, it is our form that the human race were designed upon and WE ARE similar in  a variety of ways. That which differs is the biological warfare implanted within the human physical form that forces the separation of that which in TRUTH cannot be separated. The human race are primed to self destruct in a myriad of differing ways and the battlefield must be cleared of all weaponry in order that the Spirit in TRUTH from Wider Creation in TRUTH can anchor fully and then begin its entire purpose for taking said human physical form. 

To our children we present our energy for ALL JUST IS and it is energy that validates itself fully. That which seeks to destroy this validation is the reference points that signpost to logic and reason.  These signposts are accepted by humanity who have been given nothing but the tools for self destruction since they were created and seeded within the dimensional space that our Channel calls "the Old Earth Matrix".   The seeding took more than one attempt to take hold and this has been explained in the human history books as the "great ice age".  This break in human history is a period that hides the experimentation and forced seeding that saw many versions of the human physical vehicle break down and destroy themselves. 

WE ARE here to work thru the High Council of ORION as the ORION Portal is the gateway to Wider Creation in TRUTH that is opening for the children of Jupiter and all the children of the member star systems and planets that are working to release TRUTH in order to dissolve the harvesting and free humanity to join Wider Creation in TRUTH in their full physical human from. 

We place our energy here for our children and ask that they now step forward. WE ARE here for you and we will now guide you more fully as you begin to understand that you are relative to humanity but you are not human in ORIGIN. 

Jupter thru Karen Doonan

February 2021

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