• Karen Doonan

Andromeda message 2nd February 2021

Greetings beloved ones WE ARE the Andromedan Collective and we come thru our channel today in order to speak with our CHILDREN from WIDER CREATION IN TRUTH. It is pivotal that all the children from Wider Creation in TRUTH now begin to awaken from their deep slumber and they reset their vision upon their CREATION IN TRUTH PURPOSE. The negativity that is now unfolding is due to seep deeper into the human life experience and this must be counter acted by the releasing of the frequency boundary bandwidths within the human form itself.

We speak to our children in order that they may now trigger fully and come back to their heart center in order to RE CALIBRATE and begin to align more fully with that which lies beyond this dimensional space. Our children have grown fond of humanity but it is this fondness for them that masquerades as the fear patterning that is now being established. A race that is in this much pain cannot be woken up by triggering the very pain that sees them seek to escape it and we implore our children to desist from the current behavior patterns borne out of a need to somehow "save" this race.

The galactic protocol directive of non interference is there for good reason, ALL who were chosen to incarnate into this race did so on the authority of this protocol. It will now be opposed fully by the High Council of ORION and ALL MEMBER BODIES, the behavior that seeks to have more damage done to this race. Waking them further is prohibited under said galactic protocol and those who persist on this behavior will be quarantined in order the behavior and its effects are understood.

We are here to help and to aid our children but our children must understand that humanity are a YOUNG, TRAUMATIZED race and that living among them, indeed birthing into their race has skewed the vision that was in place prior to birthing. This requires adjustment and this will now unfold within the wider frequency bandwidths that are being generated at this time. Those who are in breach of their galactic protocol agreements will now be quarantined and held in place until such time that understanding can birth thru them.

Humanity are not doomed but they are also not free as such, this process is ongoing, it is a process that Wider Creation in TRUTH oversee and a process that is taken very seriously indeed.

We thank you for listening and we stand by ALL as ALL now unfolds to deeper levels and our channel now births fully into the next phase from which ALL now manifests.

WE ARE the Andromedans and WE ARE in TRUTH

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