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When ordering please be aware that the information will be sent to you via the email address used on the original order. If you require information to be sent to a different email address please advise at time of ordering.


Please allow 3 - 5 days for receipt of order, especially at times of heightened frequency release.


If you have any questions please Contact Karen

Personal Channeled Message

Karen is the connection point between HEAVEN in TRUTH and those who have incarnated into humanity.  Often the 144,000 will require specific information from their ORIGIN star system.  As this information is highly personal often it can not be found in "general" messages that are given.  

Please order personal channeled messages below. The message will brought thru for you via HEAVEN in TRUTH and will be specific to what they wish you to understand at this time. 


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Identification in Wider Creation in TRUTH

It is all well and good to know that you are here to "aid" in the New Earth but how do you validate this in a world where you are invalidated repeatedly?  All who are called to the LIGHT have specific skill sets and attributes that require to be activated thru HEAVEN in TRUTH.

These skills sets are part of the process that is your journey OUT of the Old Earth Matrix itself and seess you harmonize with HEAVEN in TRUTH. Validation of our journey is ALWAYS PHYSICAL and always is given to us thru the physical plane upon which our human physical vehicle lives.

This information and coding is brought thru to aid you in your journey beyond this CURRENT trajetory and is sent in email format. Please provide an email address that is current and which can be communciated thru when placing your order.


Services Available thru Karen