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Personal Channeled Message

Karen is the connection point between the High Council of ORION and those who have incarnated into humanity.  Often the 144,000 will require specific information from their ORIGIN star system.  As this information is highly personal often it can not be found in "general" messages that are given.  

Please order personal channeled messages below. The message will brought thru for you via the High Council of ORION and will be specific to what they wish you to understand at this time. 


Where are you from in TRUTH?

For many the human life experience is making little sense at a human logical level. Those who have incarnated into humanity are faced with a choice of accepting their ORIGIN in TRUTH or continuing with the assumption they are human of origin. 

Karen is the connecting point for the 144,000 who took human form and are from Wider Creation in TRUTH.  As such she can identify the ORIGIN star system and the purpose of their incarnation into this their human physical form. 

This information is brought thru via the High Council of ORION who oversee all of the 144,000 who are to expand thru the ORION Portal.  


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