Tools for the Journey

As we now begin the journey beyond it is necessary to update our tool box.  The tools below are designed to help you adjust to the new frequencies and to help you validate that which you are being shown.  We are not simply passengers on this journey, we are given the opportunity to interact and to PERMANENTLY alter our human life experience thru the connections to beyond.  We came from Wider Creation in TRUTH, we have access to the layers of frequency bandwidths that are beyond the dimensional space referenced as "earth".  It is all very well to "work with energy" but unless this is validated by real physical change in the human life experience it is non TRUTH.  The tools below are powerful and are designed to reveal to you just how much you can alter and shift in TRUTH. 

guardian angel.jpg


Meditating is a powerful tool in its own right.  To step into the deep heart space and out of the "mind chatter" of the conscious everyday waking life experience is a way to recharge and to rebalance.  The meditations offered in this gold channel are narrated by Karen who takes you on a guided journey. 

These meditations help to clear and rebalance your entire energy system and will allow you to access deeper in the heart space.  These meditation podcasts can be listened to in any order and done as often or as little as you feel.  

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Gold Podcasts

TRUTH Codes podcast are available on all platforms and are general guidance and explanation.  Perhaps you now want to go deeper and explore much deeper that which mainstream society rejects fully.  TRUTH Codes GOLD podcasts are a subscription only podcast which is only available via this website. Again allowing you to validate and to further deepen your understanding of what lies beneath and what is now beginning to birth THRU and into the physical plane of existence. 

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