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Why Channeled Messages?

Karen is the ORIGINal Channel for the High Council of ORION beginning her work decades ago and sharing the messages that came thru across the world.  Many people are unaware of the importance of BALANCE in the human life experience in relation to INFORMATION.  In this our human physical form we are within a very frequency controlled dimensional space that seeks to have humanity conform and follow certain rote and ritual.   Just because we are born into this dimensional space and are within this human physical form does not mean that we only have access to that which is around us. 

When Wider Creation in TRUTH sent its Children into this dimensional space and all its dimensional versions it was always knowing that said Children could be contacted and reached WITHIN this dimensional space.  We can view this akin to going to a different country. When in said country the communications and ways of living may be vastly different from where we have started out from.  The longer we stay in said country (in this example) the more accustomed we become to that which is around us and the more we INTEGRATE so it becomes almost second nature.   Take for example someone from Europe visiting the USA,  the electricity system is different, the food is different, the temperature is different etc but we adapt and adjust. Now broaden this to a LIFE TIME in this dimensional space repeated over and over again and we can see how this human physical form begins to lie to us.  YES we are in a human physical vehicle but our Spirit in TRUTH knows more than what which is experienced in said human physical vehicle. 

The Old Earth Matrix does its best to try and ridicule that which it does not support. Many who are channels did not actively choose to become channels, they began to REMEMBER because that is their Creation in TRUTH purpose. It is also non TRUTH to state that all channels are connected to TRUTH, the Old Earth Matrix has sentinels in place for disinformation which is why it is vital for the Children from Wider Creation in TRUTH to go deep within the heart space and connect thru the relevant Galactic Protocols to connect back to their ORIGIN. 

The information available within the dimensional space that is now dissolving is not enough for the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH to achieve balance. As we move further into phase 3 of the full evolution process we will be MORE conversant with our ORIGIN not less. It is therefore vital that we access the information that is available from those who sent us here. If we do not we run the risk of forgetting who we are in TRUTH.  There are Galactic Protocols in place to attempt to prevent this but the human physical form has "free will" and the ability to run with this is honed within this dimensional space.  If you are experiencing a "hold" on your outer waking reality it may well be that you are hitting Galactic Protocol and require to "connect back to ORIGIN".  

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